Posted by: magmatist | March 6, 2010

Fumarole plumes from Sherman Crater

Friday, March 5- Fumarole plumes rose above Sherman Crater for much of the day, plainly visible from the lowlands. I took this picture from the top of Taylor Street, in Bellingham. John Scurlock sent a nice fumarole photo taken from his airplane over the crater. He reported the sulphur smell was very strong. Doug McKeever at Whatcom Community college reported that the steam plumes were larger earlier in the day. While these are not particularly unusual, it is always fun to see large plumes. If you see large plumes, would you please 1] notify MBVRC either via comment or email: and 2] send a photo if you can get one? If you send a report, please say something about the plumes- do they rise higher than the summit of Baker? Are they anything other than the normal white? Your location?

Thanks,  Dave Tucker

March 5, 2010 fumarole plumes from Bellingham


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