Posted by: magmatist | March 21, 2010

MBVRC T-shirt photo winners!

The winner of the 2009 MBVRC T-shirt photo contest is: 10-year-old Nathan Vekved of Orcas Island, Washington. Volcano enthusiast Nathan posed in his stylish orange shirt next to his school science fair project’s poster of Mount Baker.

Nathan and his science fair poster on Mount Baker and volcanoes. In the foreground are models of a magmatic stratocone eruption, a phreatic eruption, and a cinder cone lava fountain. Clever fella!

All the submitted photos are online at the MBVRC T-shirt webpage. Congratulations to Nathan, who will receive a free selection of the 2010 shirts, and to our other contestants, Sarah Polster and Jeff Tepper.

The new shirts will be out in about 6-7 weeks. It is not too late to submit your design idea, which you can read about here. When you visit a volcano in 2010, remember to save space in your pack/luggage for your MBVRC t-shirt! Send us your photo!



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