Posted by: magmatist | April 13, 2010

MBVRC is now tax-exempt!

Ice radar team crosses Carmelo Crater, summer 2009. Click to enlarge.

The Mount Baker Volcano Research Center has just been granted tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) public charity status by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations are now tax-deductible.  We can  legally solicit donations  to support Mount Baker research and public education programs about the volcano’s eruptive history and hazards. If you’ve been holding off on that $1000 check, do so no longer. To contribute to our research and education fund, please contact for more information. An updated list of the 2010 research projects at Mount Baker will be posted later this spring.

Current members of the MBVRC Board of Directors are Dave Tucker and Pete Stelling, WWU, and Kevin M. Scott, USGS-CVO emeritus.

The MBVRC website now reflects our happy new status in a revision to the ‘About MBVRC’ page.


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