Posted by: magmatist | April 25, 2010

Thanks to new subscribers

The front design for the 2010 MBVRC fundraiser t-shirt, by Jenny Locke.

If you have come to this subscription website via the Sunday April 25 Bellingham Herald story, thanks for visiting. Subscribing to this page via email or RSS feed allows you to stay on top of research at Baker, and to help out by buying the MBVRC T-shirts. 2010 shirts will be ready in a few weeks; subscribers will shortly be able to reserve color, size, shirt styles.

The story did not mention that seismic activity at Mount Baker is monitored by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, and the the US Geological Survey’s Cascade Volcano Observatory is formaly charged with keeping watch over our volcanoes and informing the public of hazards.

For video footage of steam vents (fumaroles) in the active crater at Mount Baker, go to the MBVRC website here.

Collecting gas from Sherman Crater fumaroles. A joint USGS-MBVRC project.

Stay tuned!


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