Posted by: magmatist | June 5, 2010

2010 Summer research at Mount Baker

A variety of volcanology and glaciology research programs are planned for the summer of 2010 at Mount Baker. The following list is tentative. If you know of others, please notify via email:

WWU students and an ice-penetrating radar survey in the howling wind on the summit of Mount Baker, July 2009.Click to enlarge image.

  • a gravity survey of the mountain, under auspices of Carol Finn and Sarah Polster, USGS.
  • an ice-penetrating radar survey of Carmelo Crater, to gain more detailed information of crater morphology beneath the ice (Melissa Park and Dave Tucker). This is relevant to potential lahar hazard should reheating occur in the ice-filled summit crater.
  • completion of an ice-penetrating radar survey of the active Sherman Crater, learn more about crater morphology beneath the ice. This is part of Melissa Park’s Masters thesis at WWU.
  • Completion of distribution mapping of 5790 radiocarbon years BP “BA volcanic ash” (Dave Tucker).
  • Sherman Crater and Dorr Fumarole gas sampling for chemistry (USGS/MBVRC)

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