Posted by: magmatist | August 4, 2010

Dollars for a Guatemala volcano observatory

Dear Friends,

International Volcano Monitoring Fund is a non-profit that raises funds to support nascent and struggling volcano observatories in the third world. They attempt to purchase seismometers, gas flux meters, and other monitoring gear to be used at observatories such the unfunded Santiaguito Volcano Observatory in Guatemala (read Jessica Ball’s tale of woe to learn more about this important, but penniless, volcano monitoring station). A simple way to support IVM-Fund is to go to their fundraising website and donate via paypal. For the current Santiaguito fund drive, go to:¬† 10 Dollars for Guatemala and follow links.

IVM-Fund is a registered nonprofit in USA and British Columbia, managed by my friend Jeff Witter. He is a gas guy who has done some work at Dorr Fumaroles on Baker.




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