Posted by: magmatist | September 20, 2010

New Baker seismometer hit by lightning

According to Wes Thelen of the Cascades Volcano Observatory (USGS), the new seismometer at Baker, station SHUK,  has been hit by two severe thunderstorms.  The first thunderstorm had St. Elmo’s fire reported on ski lift towers near the station.  The second storm was “worse”.  The station will be replaced with a new seismometer by Pacific Northwest Seismic Network personnel later this week if the weather is amenable. The data from the two Baker seismometers is presented on line, and can be found via a link at the MBVRC main website. If you follow that link, you’ll see that the last day of data from the SHUK station was September 9th. The other Baker seismometer, the long-running station MBW, has been working well. The latest data posted from SHUK is here. A map plot (September 21, 2010) of the most recent seismic data picked up by the Baker seismometer array is presented here on the MBVRC main website.

Subscribers to this update website will be informed when SHUK is replaced and online again.

Exact locations of these seismometers is not revealed to avoid possible vandalism or human traffic, which can introduce noisy, artificial seismic signals.

Dave Tucker, MBVRC


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