Posted by: magmatist | November 1, 2010

Schreibers/Sulphur Creek field trip is ON

The MBVRC fundraiser field trip to Schreibers Meadow cinder cone and Sulphur Creek lava flow is ON. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2010. Cost is $50, first come first served, limited to 11. Van is provided. Rendezvous, 9 AM at Fairhaven (Exit 250) park and ride on the EAST side of I-5, or make arrangements with Dave Tucker via email if you live  south of Bellingham. The trip will be as described in the initial “trial balloon” posted at

If you want to go, please respond ASAP by email-

send email to this address.

first come first served. Payment at the rendezvous. We will rendezvous regardless of weather; trip may be adjusted to account for local weather conditions. Two easy but perhaps wet cross country hikes through the huckleberries, so dress accordingly. Each participants will receive a field guide via email to print as you wish.


B Y O lunch, water, (thermos?). Bring warm clothes, good raingear, stout boots, a pair of work gloves for the bushwhack may be useful, a change of socks/clothes just in case it is really wet. Handlens is nice if you have one, but not essential. Umbrella ? Return is planned by 6 PM. All proceeds go to MBVRC. MBVRC will provide van rental. All participants must sign a standard liability and indemnity release. No alcohol, please.


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