Posted by: magmatist | August 4, 2011

KOMO News 4 broadcast about Baker monitoring

Seattle’s KOMO News 4 TV broadcast an interview with MBVRC’s Dave Tucker featuring gas monitoring at Sherman Crater. The video aired on the news Tuesday evening. The link is:

The fumarole footage was taken in Sherman Crater in 2010 while sampling gas. Two videos are posted in full on Youtube. Our link to them is here.

Note that the KOMO News 4 video editor inserted a scene of the lovely Mount Shuksan as a stand-in for Mount Baker. This is not the first time this has happened.

This 1990s postcard features an imposter!

A few other comments: 1] there is no evidence for any eruption from Mount Baker* anywhere near as large or explosive as Mount Saint Helens in 1980; 2] it is pretty unlikely that Baker ash would drift south to Marysville, as northerly winds are unusual; 3] the 1870 eruption referred to in the KOMO video was reported by a single individual [it made the newspapers at the time] but was discounted at the time by several other observers. There may have been minor eruptions in the mid-1800s, but there is no geologic evidence for anything after than 1843.

*The Kulshan caldera collapsed 1.15 million years ago. That eruption on the NE edge of the Mount Baker volcanic field was 100 times the size of MSH 1980, but predates Mount Baker by 1.1 million years.


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