Posted by: magmatist | February 10, 2012

New USGS volcano obervatory : California Volcano Observatory

450-year-old Cinder Cone and Fantastic Lava flows are 10 miles north east of Lassen Peak. Photo by John Scurlock. The potential for future basaltic eruptions always exists in the region, now under the purview of CalVO.

US Geological Survey announces the formation of a new volcano oberservatory in the US – CalVO, the California Volcano Observatory. This observatory will be operated out of the USGS center in Menlo Park, and will have responsibility for volcanoes in California and Nevada. The former Long Valley Observatory is now subsumed into CalVO, and Cascade Volcano Observatory will no longer be responsible for the Cascade volcanoes in northern California: Mount Shasta, Lassen Peak, Medicine Lake, and the ever-potent cinder cone fields in northeastern California.

Read Erik Klemmetti’s post on CalVO on his Eruptions Blog, here. If you are a volcanophile, and are not already subscribed to Erik’s blog, consider doing so. Lots of interesting updates from around the world, something new pretty much daily. Erik is also a great supprter of MBVRC, and has gotten attention and promoted t-shirt sales and other fundraising efforts for our research group from around the world.

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