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2012 MBVRC Fundraiser t-shirts

Current 2-color front design looking into the east breach of Sherman Crater, based on an aerial view by John Scurlock (see photo below). Click to enlarge.

Shirts are available for purchase, via email or in person. Please send your order to the email below. State sizes, colors (include an alternate), and a mailing address. Proceeds go to the MBVRC research grant fund. See colors and order information below.

send MBVRC email to this address

2012 Mount Baker volcano shirt

Cardinal red [men’s styles only], and three women’s short sleeve colors: iris [top], dark heather [bottom], and purple. The ‘eruptive history’ table is on the back of the shirt. Click to enlarge.

Shirts are $20. Add $5 each if you live outside Bellingham and need to have your shirt[s] mailed to you [$10 outside the USA]. We can arrange delivery or you can pick up if you live in Bellingham. Money raised from shirt sales is applied to MBVRC’s research fund.

A volcanic history table is on the back of the MBVRC t-shirt. Click to enlarge.

Shirt design is based on this aerial photo by John Scurlock looking into the crater through the East Breach.

Shirt design is based on this aerial photo by John Scurlock looking into the crater through the East Breach.

Mail orders may be paid  via the MBVRC PayPal  account, or you may mail a check in. Place your order via email before paying to ensure the shirt you want is available. PayPal will ask who you are sending money to; the MBVRC account uses the email address above.

Shirts are also available at MBVRC field trips and presentations.

Colors and sizes: All shirts are preshrunk 6.1 oz cotton, printed locally at Amjay Screen Printing in Bellingham, Washington.

Women’s shirts have a ‘feminine shoulder, arm and sleeve cut’, and a narrow 5/8″ ribbed neck.

Women’s SHORT SLEEVES, available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Purple, Dark Heather, Iris, and Dark Chocolate.

Women’s short sleeve colors. Click to enlarge.

Women’s LONG SLEEVES Only a few left, in Dark Chocolate, Black, and Navy

Women’s long sleeves 2012. Click to enlarge.

Men’s SHORT SLEEVES (S, M, L, XL); Black, Cardinal Red, Forest, Metro Blue.

Men’s short sleeve colors. Click to enlarge.

Men’s LONG SLEEVES (S, M, L, XL). Cardinal Red, Forest, Navy, Indigo.

PLEASE check first via email  to see what sizes and colors remain in stock.

Men’s long sleeve colors. Click to enlarge.



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  2. Ooooooh! New shirts! The last edition is a huge favorite, and elicits a lot of comments. I might have to take a job with the MBVRC just to avoid the disappointed looks that follow when people find out I don’t work there. In the meantime, I’ve already sent in our order.

    • A job at MBVRC! Hey, can I have one too? About time someone got paid for all this work! Alas, MBVRC is 100% volunteer. We’d need to sell a LOT of shirts to pay salaries!

  3. […] Backcountry Essentials (214 W. Holly) is also selling our shirts on consignment; shirts are hanging on rack right next to the front door, in front of the poster. Their supply is limited. If you don’t find the shirt you want there, you can see the full selection here. […]

  4. […] and a trailhead pass. Grant funding comes from participant fees for MBVRC field trips,the sale of MBVRC T-shirts, calendars and posters, and your generous […]

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