Posted by: magmatist | May 12, 2012

Mount Baker webcams; Request for observers

Four WEBCAMS peer at Mount Baker, although two are currently not working. Links have been added to the ‘Monitoring’ page on this website – they have been at the MBVRC data website for a couple of years.

The webcams are located  1) at Ferndale Library [currently inactive]; 2) at Abbotsford Airport; 3) on the summit of Mount Constitution [Orcas island, rotates 360 degrees so not all views are of Baker]; and in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. In addition, there are great vantage points all over Whatcom and Skagit counties.


Photo copyright MBVRC and Dave Tucker, photographer

If you have a good view of Mount Baker from your home or office, please be prepared to provide MBVRC with an email or phone alert if you notice anything unusual. Also consider supplying your name, phone number, and email to MBVRC, along with a photo of the volcano from your ‘observation post’. That way, if MBVRC is alerted by CVO or others,we can check with a subscriber who has a good view to verify reports of unusual plumes, giant landslides (collapses of the edifice) or other reported events. Use the email address below. The March, 1975 ‘failed eruption’ was spotted by civilians who reported dark steam plumes to geologists at WWU (there was no Cascade Volcano Observatory or MBVRC back in those days). The photo above was taken from the top of Taylor Street on South Hill in Bellingham. It is one of the easily accessed sites allowing a check of the volcano, but someone has to make a special trip to get this view.

send MBVRC email to this address


  1. Friends of Moran (with the web cam on Mt. Constitution) will be an observer!
    We’ve seen some beautfiul steam plumes over the last couple of years.

    • That’s great!
      Will put Friends of Moran on the list.
      We will continue to look for more observors.

  2. Dave, I will continue to be an observer from my office window at WCC and will report and if possible photograph unusually vigorous steam plumes and other visible activity.

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