Posted by: magmatist | August 10, 2012

Guided Geology Field Trip: Scott Paul Trail on Mount Baker

The south rim of Sherman Crater rises above Squak Glacier and a young moraine along the Scott Paul Trail.

Mount Baker Volcano Research Center announces a day-long guided geology field trip to volcanic and glacial deposits along the Scott Paul Trail on the south flank of Mount Baker. The trip will be held Tuesday, August 28th. Cost is $75, which includes van transport from Bellingham (or a rendezvous point en route to the trailhead) and a field trip guide. Reserve via email and payment to MBVRC- see details below.

Deposits along the Scott Paul Trail- tephra from Schreibers Meadow Cinder Cone, Crater lake caldera, and Sherman Crater. Click to enlarge.

The Scott Paul Trail is a 7.5 mile loop, beginning and ending at the Schreibers Meadow trailhead on Mount Baker. The trail climbs moderately for 2000 feet through forest to alpine meadows at around 5000′. For details of the trail itself, please see the description on the Washington Trail Association website. Participants must be capable of making the entire loop. The trip will be led by Dave Tucker (WWU adjunct geology faculty) and Doug McKeever (geology professor at Whatcom Community College) both members of the MBVRC Board of Directors.

Drifts of basaltic deposits erupted from Schreibers Meadow cinder cone mantle meadows along the Scott Paul Trail.

Geologic features of the hike include extensive exposures of eruption deposits, including basaltic scoria from Schreibers Meadow cinder cone, andesitic ash from the last large Sherman Crater eruption, blast deposits from the 1843 steam eruptions, and ash from Crater Lake caldera. We will also examine lahar deposits, lava flows from both Mount Baker and the older Black Buttes volcano,  and recent alpine terminal and lateral moraines. The trip should be educational for all levels of geophiles, from professionals to amateur enthusiasts. The trip is a fundraiser for our nonprofit’s scholarship and public education funds.

Registration is limited and first come, first served. To register, please send an email to MBVRC; we will respond with instructions for mailing your payment.


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