Posted by: magmatist | August 28, 2012

A fine trip along the Scott Paul Trail

Doug McKeever (orange jacket, left) discusses ash from Crater lake caldera in trail cuts along Scott Paul Trail. Nobody sleeping yet!

MBVRC sponsored another successful fundraising field trip on August 28. 14 people, counting the two trip leaders (Doug McKeever and Dave Tucker) spent a long day hiking the Scott Paul. The sky was clouded, but it stayed dry. We never saw the mountain other than tantalizing views of the icy skirts. There is a lot of youthful geology on this 7.5 mile hike, including: 4 tephra (volcanic ash) deposits from 3 different volcanoes (Schriebers, Baker, and Crater Lake caldera); lava from Schreibers Meadow cinder cone, Black Buttes and Mount Baker; gorgeous blue lupines; a moraine dating to 1912; a thin lahar; a cinder cone; watermelon-sized sulfur-bearing blocks fallen from Sherman Crater; a volcaniclastic fan shed from the growing cone as Baker grew. Oh, and nary a bug, nor many people, neither.

MBVRC Scott Paul geology field trip, August 28, 2012. Upper Rocky Creek crossing.
Back row, left to right: Doug McKeever, Kuros Zahedi, Bob Kandiko, June Hahn, Peter Bycio, Tim Dunnigan, Kip Smith, Bill Stull, John Bremer, Lisa Christianson, Emily Hirsch. Front row: Dave Tucker, Kristi Blanchard, Larry Blanchard.

A scoria lapillus in the Schreibers cinder cone tephra.

The photos show some of the things we saw.

The Schreibers Meadow cinder cone from the left lateral moraine of the Easton Glacier.

Yellow sulfur crystals in Shermanite in the deglaciated foreland of the Easton Glacier.

OK, OK, we DIDN’T see this. But we woulda, if the clouds had lifted. Sherman Peak and the rim of Sherman Crater above neoglacial moraines.

Can’t you smell the lovely fragrance of the blue lupines? Black Buttes in the distance (this is from a previous trip).

Three tephras: Baker BA ash at top (6500 years old), sitting right on top of Baker OP, and reddish SC from Schreibers cinder cone (9500).

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