Posted by: magmatist | September 19, 2012

Welsh found?

Kelly Siebecke, an amateur geneologist,  was intrigued by our lack of knowledge about “Welsh”, the photographer who took the photo from Loomis Mountain in 1912. (see the original article here).  Kelly wrote to the MBVRC blog today (September 19) with this information:

“I believe I may have found your photographer, E.D. Welsh. As an amateur genealogist with an subscription, I did a search through census records around 1910-1920, but no luck. It then occurred to me that this photographer would have likely registered for the WWI draft. Searching the draft records I found the following:

Emil Derixon Welsh born March 18, 1881 lived in Bellingham in 1918 and worked for the Diehl Simpson Company in Bellingham in “Advertising and Salesman”. Emil Welsh died in 1962 and is buried at Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham.”

signature on the 1912 photo.

Many thanks for this wonderful bit of detective work, Kelly. I hope you are correct! I’ll be heading to the Bayview Cemetery to find the grave. If anyone else has any further information, please send it to MBVRC via a comment to this post.

Dave Tucker

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