Posted by: magmatist | October 19, 2012

Ash deposits at Mount Baker

Volcanic ash in a trailcut along the Park Butte trail, just west of the trail fork to Railroad Grade. The BA is the dark layer below the vegetation. The orange layer is another Baker tephra, OP, which resulted from a ‘throat clearing’ steam blast at Sherman Crater just before the magmatic BA was erupted. A dark soil layer separates OP from the thin white layer, Layer O ash from Crater Lake caldera (Mount Mazama). Glacial till is at the bottom.

A new article about volcanic ash deposits around Mount Baker has been added to the ‘About Mount Baker’ page. It focuses on the youngest magma eruption at Sherman Crater, which showered the BA ash all over the northern-most Cascades. Take me to the web page.


  1. I like this stuff. If you read the post, you will note that there are ash deposits in the North Cascades from the Crater Lake eruption!


    • Yes, Crater Lake ash is widespread, from bogs in western Whatcom County clear across the Cascades into eastern Washington.

  2. WOW! What a great picture!

    • You can find exposures like this in many trail cuts around Baker. Just have to know what to look for and keep your eyes open.

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