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Welcome to new subscribers

Doug McKeever (orange jacket, left) discusses ash from Crater lake caldera in trail cuts along Scott Paul Trail. Nobody sleeping yet!

An MBVRC field trip in 2012. Geologist Doug McKeever (orange jacket, left) explains volcanic ash  deposits along the Scott Paul Trail. Several MBVRC field trips are offered each year. Most are oriented to the non-technical audience, and they nearly always sell out in a day or two. Click to enlarge

A huge crowd turned out for the Mount Baker presentation at Skagit Valley College on January 31. The theater was jammed with 250 people. Sadly, another 100+ had to be turned away. Many thanks to all of you who became new subscribers – here is your first post. If you know anyone who didn’t make it into the presentation, please tell them that another presentation in Mount Vernon is in the works. The best way to learn when this will be is by free email subscription to this website.  Please pass along our URL and invite your like-minded friends and colleagues to subscribe. This widens our reach and the public’s knowledge about “the active volcano in our backyard”. The URL to pass along is

Subscribers receive occasional email updates about

  • eruption or seismic events at Mount Baker
  • news about presentations [also in the works for Concrete, Anacortes, and Seattle]
  • new t-shirt, calendar or poster releases
  • the first chance to sign up for limited spots when we offer geology field trips
  • information about new Mount Baker studies and publications

We’d like to involve our supporters. Stay tuned for ways to assist MBVRC in our goals to support volcano research and education. Volunteers can staff our t-shirt and information tables, usher at presentations, submit t-shirt or poster designs, do publicity work, and help us maintain our photographic and document archives. People with the appropriate skills and enthusiasm can assist with field work when the need arises. Qualified candidates can apply for board vacancies when they occur.

On this website you will find many things. There are  links to videos, information about our gas sampling program and our stream chemistry program, and some Baker geology information. Scroll down at our monitoring page and click on  ‘Mount Baker seismic activity’  to go directly to that days seismic report from our colleagues at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Center [UW-USGS]. These fine folks operate the seismometers at Baker.
have fun exploring our website! Meet the MBVRC volunteer board of directors.

We have another website, at This is principally our database of abstracts and scientific publications about Mount Baker, but their are also photos.

"Mount Baker- 100 years of Change" by John Scurlock. Click to enlarge.

“Mount Baker- 100 years of Change” by John Scurlock. Click to enlarge.

We have one  copy of the 1912-2012 commemorative poster left. It is printed on photopaper. The cost is $35+ postage, rolled and mailed. We will deliver it to you if you live in Bellingham. First come, first served, via email. We will tell you how to pay for it.

The best way to contact us with your ideas is via email.

this is not a link

this is not a link

Our snail mail address is:


708 13th St,

Bellingham, 98225        [this is a private home, we have no separate office]

Thanks again,

MBVRC Board of Directors

Pete Stelling, Sue Madsen, Doug McKeever, John Scurlock, and Dave Tucker.


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