Posted by: magmatist | February 6, 2013

MBVRC offers student research grants for 2013

The Mount Baker Volcano Research Center is pleased to offer scholarships to support student scientific research on Mount Baker and its slopes in the 2013 Academic Year. These funds result from t-shirt sales, field trip fees, and your generous donations to MBVRC. Graduate and undergraduate students of any natural science discipline are encouraged to apply. Complete details are in this pdf. MBVRC_research_scholarship_2013
Awards will be separated into graduate ($1,000 maximum award) and undergraduate
($500 maximum award) categories, and selected based on the qualifications of the
applicant, the quality of the proposed research, and diversity of research topics. Up to
$2,000 will be awarded in 2013.
Eligible candidates must be majoring in a natural science discipline and enrolled in
upper-division or graduate science courses at an accredited College or University in
Washington, Oregon or British Columbia. Proposed projects must relate in some way to
the geology of Mount Baker and its slopes, and may be based on any natural science
discipline, including but not limited to volcanology, glaciology, biology, hydrology and
The award may cover research-related expenses, including travel to the field site,
meetings, conferences, or short courses to present the work. Awarded funds are not
intended for tuition, wages or salary, non-research living (room and board) expenses or
non-research field trips, and proposals requesting funds for these activities will not be
considered. Successful applicants must write a short summary of how the money was
spent and submit that information to MBVRC by December 31, 2013. Copies of all
research papers, posters or other forms of presentation will be provided to the MBVRC to
be hosted on the MBVRC web page as copyright law permits, with acknowledgment of
MBVRC’s funding support on all presented material. The successful applicant will also
make any data funded by MBVRC publicly available, if possible, preferably by
submitting the data to MBVRC for posting on its web site. Other arrangements for data
sharing may be negotiated.
Proposal submissions for the grant should be submitted to:
c/o Dr. Pete Stelling
Geology Department
516 High Street
Western Washington University
MS 9080
Bellingham, WA 98225-9080
Instructions for application and submission of proposals is attached. Completed
applications must be submitted to MBVRC by February 28, 2013. The next award
decision will be made by April 1, 2013. Open the pdf link above to access the entire application form.


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