Posted by: magmatist | May 23, 2013

New USGS Mount Baker website

The US Geological Survey has completely redesigned their Mount Baker website. On it you will find up-dated information about the geologic and eruptive history, monitoring programs, hazards, as well as numerous photos. There is also discussion about the ‘failed eruption’ of 1975, with photos, and the MBVRC volunteer gas monitoring project at Sherman Crater. The revamped website is very easy to use and is a big improvement over the previous USGS Baker websites. Kudos to Wendy Stovall, who pulled together resources to make the new website. The MBVRC Mount Baker photo archives were the source for many of the photos used on the USGS website. There are quite a number of links to material on the two MBVRC websites, in particular to the reference and abstract database and the gas chemistry database over at the  WWU-hosted MBVRC website,

Kudos to Wendy Stovall down at the USGS Menlo Park center, who pulled together resources to make the new website.


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