Posted by: magmatist | August 29, 2013

CORRECTION Sherman Crater TV show

The show about MBVRC’s Sherman Crater trip is on the Canadian Discovery Channel ONLY. The Daily Planet program does not air on the US channel. However, it will be available on the internet early next week. You’ll get the link when it is available.

According to the producer, Sean McShane, there will be 2 stories of this adventure (rather than just 1) because there was so much to tell.

The first story introduces the mountain and the team, and gets us up to Base Camp, where Sean gets a lesson in safe glacier travel – actually filmed on Day 3, but that’s the magic of TV.  The second story takes us from Base Camp up to the crater, and then profiles the sampling being done inside the crater.

Sorry about the bum steer, if you don’t get the Canadian version.


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