Posted by: magmatist | October 24, 2013

Cascade Volcano monitoring presentation Oct. 29

Guest speaker: John Ewert, Scientist-in-charge- of the Cascade Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey, Vancouver, WA.

John Ewert

Whatcom Museum, 121 Lottie Street, Bellingham

October 29.

Doors at 6:30, presentation at 7. Free, but please consider a $3 donation to the museum at the door.

The talk, sponsored by the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center, will focus on the current status of volcano monitoring and research throughout the Cascades. At CVO John oversees all research on the Cascade volcanos, and is  an authority on volcano monitoring. He has worked all over the world.

“We have a lot of volcanoes in the United States — 170 of them. … And since 1980 there have been something like 100 eruptions from 35 or so of them. So, volcanically, we’re pretty busy,” he said. “And in the Cascades we have 13 large volcanoes and a lot of smaller ones…you just never know when these volcanoes are going to switch on and move toward eruption.”

Multi-gas sampler, Sherman Crater, Mount Baker.

“And once you start getting earthquakes or see something happening at the surface, you’re already behind the curve if you haven’t been watching to see what is normal and what the baseline is,” Ewert said. “So if you’re coming to the game late, you never know how long the fuse is.”

A number of presentations about Mount Baker eruption history and hazards will be presented by MBVRC. Kendall Elementary School, October 25. La Connor Museum, November 2 Bellingham, Bloedel Donovan Park, November 18.


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