Posted by: magmatist | March 29, 2014

2013 MBVRC financial statement

MBVRC is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit. We depend on financial support from our friends and the fine folks who attend our educational presentations and join our field trips. The board of directors wishes to let you know where our funding comes from and where it goes. Here is the 2013 MBVRC financial statement. Thanks to all who donated, joined a field trip, or bought a shirt or a poster. This statement will be filed with the Washington State Secretary of State’s office and the IRS.

The 2013 MBVRC financail statement. Click to enlarge

The 2013 MBVRC financial statement. Click to enlarge


An excel spreadsheet is attached>

MBVRC financial statement

Our net income in 2013 was $683.27. Our largest expense was the research grant program: we awarded ($2751). T-shirt sales were our largest income source, with donations a close second. We had only one field trip in 2013, to the Baker River in early June. We plan more for 2014.

You can purchase a gift certificate for any MBVRC field trip. They cost $75; all you need to do is shoot an email (address below) and we’ll get one to you. Full info is here.

this is not a link

this is not a link


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