Posted by: magmatist | February 21, 2015

Layperson’s guide to western Washington geology to be published in May

GUWW cover

To be released in May, 2015. The cover image shows an interpreted eruption at Mount Rainier, and lahars descending into lowland valleys. Art by Eric Knight.

A “people’s geology guide to western Washington” will be published in May. Geology Underfoot in Western Washington, written by Dave Tucker, one of MBVRC’s directors, will be published by Mountain Press Publishing (Missoula). The book details geology (and necessary background)  at 22 sites between the Columbia River and the British Columbia border, and from the Cascades to the Olympic coast. Each chapter describes a particular location. Some are close to Bellingham: the Kulshan caldera and Table Mountain at Artist Point, the Western Washington University Geology Museum and the giant fossil bird track found near Kendall, and Larrabee Park’s stunning ‘honeycomb’ weathering. Some sites are right next to the road, others require some hiking. There is a geology 101-style introduction, and many color photos, diagrams and maps. The book will be for sale at Village Books in Bellingham’s Fairhaven district, as well as bookstores all over the region.



  1. Wonderful news! I’ll stand in line for four copies !
    Congratulations for work well done!
    Chris Farrow

  2. Congratulations Dave, looking forward to my copy!

  3. I was so excited to learn about this website! I am a Geology lover, and have been on several treks thru Walla Walla Community College Quest program led by a geology professor at Whitman College. Have several courses in Geology from The Teaching Company. Will try to pre-order the book on Amazon, otherwise, I, too, will stand in line for a copy!

    • Martha,
      So glad you are excited, Woudl you consider asking a local bookstore to order the book for you, rather than mega-Amazon?

  4. Dave…..I recently bought your book and wanted to compliment you on a most magnificent achievement!!! It is really GREAT! For a ‘layman’ like myself, it is indeed a masterpiece compared to other ‘field guides’ I’ve collected. The photos, the charts, the maps, and the prose are just wonderful. Wendy and I are using it to enjoy favorite spots with a whole new perspective.Thanks!!!

    Mac Madenwald….Anacortes, WA. USA home 360 293 6453 mobile 360 708 8330

    Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 17:25:55 +0000 To:

    • Thank you Mac. Thanks for the fine words. I will be talking about the book in Anacortes sometime in the fall. Stay tuned.

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