Posted by: magmatist | June 7, 2016

Debris flow on Boulder Glacier

2016 Debris flow Boulder Glacier Corey Vannoy

June 2016. The gray streak down the center is a flow of ice and rock on the Boulder Glacier on the east slope of Mount Baker. Can’t determine from the photo how much further the debris flow extends. Sherman Peak is the pointed summit at left. Photo taken from Boulder Ridge around 4600′ elevation. Thanks to Corey Vannoy for this view. Click to enlarge images.

Reader Corey Vannoy reports a recent debris flow that swept down Mount Baker’s Boulder Glacier. He climbed this route over the weekend (June 4-5, 2016) and sent two photos. There have been no other reports of this event. If anyone else has descriptions or photos, either from the ground or aerial, please send to MBVRC. This may be the first Boulder Glacier debris flow since October 2013.

2016 Sherman Peak initiation zone Corey Vannoy

June 2016. Release zone on the north flank of Sherman Peak on Mount Baker. Periodic ice avalanches extend to rock below, which is incorporated into a debris flow that sweeps down the Boulder Glacier to the east (left). Compare with photos from other years in the link in the text. Photo courtesy Corey Vannoy.

mountbakerresearch  gmail copy

reach MBVRC via email

Debris flows initiate every few years in the same place on the north slope of Sherman Peak. Go here to read a report on this website about these hazardous events.



  1. “Click to enlarge images” does not work unless you specifically enable it for each image.

    • This must be a new feature on wordpress. Was never necessary before. Do you know how to do this? Dave.

  2. I tried to send an email to, but it bounced.

    • Email server is temporarily down.
      Dave for MBVRC

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