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Sign up for Geology Field Trip: Easton Glacier on Mount Baker

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A field trip to the Easton Glacier terminus.

The field trip is FULL! Thanks to all our supporters. There is a short wait list.

Sign up for a Mount Baker Volcano Research Center field trip to the terminus of Mount Baker’s Easton Glacier.

The date is Saturday, September 10, 2016 and the trip will occupy most of your day. Meeting times and places are given below. The cost is $75, payable in advance. This covers your transportation by 15 passenger van, a paper describing features likely to be observed, and the leadership and spilling-over knowledge of not one but TWO guides!


This is an intermediate level trip that

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The approach to the glacier moves through the deglaciated area along the stream. No trail.

involves hiking partly on trail but also traipsing along a braided stream channel, which means walking on loose boulders, cobbles, and up (then down) a moderate rocky slope that can be a bit unstable for your footing. The total distance walked will be approximately  6 miles and the elevation gain is about 2,200′ (same loss).

What will you see?  The Easton Glacier is one of the big ice streams on Mount Baker and has been studied fairly extensively.  It has advanced and receded like all glaciers do, and you will  be able to see ample evidence of both processes. If conditons warrant it, you will be able to go right up to the terminus to touch the ice, although don’t expect it to be pristine clean ice! We will see lava flows from two volcanoes, and tephra from three volcanoes, Little Ice age glacial moraines, and a Sherman Crater lahar.

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Hiking cross country to the glacier terminus.

To register: Make payments to MBVRC via our PayPal page . Send an email to mountbakerresearch  at   gmail    dot   com to reserve your seat(s). As a nonprofit educational and research organization, these field trips are our primary means of raising funds. MBVRC is an entirely volunteer organization. We will also have our popular tee shirts for sale ($20 each). Once you have registered, you will receive rendezvous information.  This trip will likely fill up in a couple of days, so if interested, don’t hesitate!

Your co-hosts are Doug McKeever and Dave Tucker, both of whom are board members of MBVRC and geologists with considerable knowledge of Mount Baker.

What to bring: daypack, lunch, beverage, sunscreen and sunglasses, repellent,  clothes for the weather (our trips go rain or shine☺) , sturdy shoes or boots. Recommended are trekking poles, camera, perhaps binoculars.

This trip will fill up, so if interested, don’t hesitate!



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  2. Only five left to sign up. I am going. Bob Bailey.

  3. I hope I’m not too late. I made my $75 payment via PayPal. Let me know if I made it. Thanks. Tanya (Braumiller)

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