Posted by: magmatist | May 7, 2013

Baker hazards: radio interview with Cascades Volcano Observatory scientist

Dr. Cynthia Gardner, USGS-CVO

Dr. Cynthia Gardner, USGS-CVO

A radio interview with Cynthia Gardner (bio here), geologist at Cascade Volcano Observatory (USGS), can be heard online. She discusses Mount Baker: predictability of eruptions, hazard, and the likelyhood of an event similar to this weeks explosions at Mayon in the Phillipines (where 5 climbers were killed). The interview can be found at Bellingham’s KGMI Radio:

To hear the 8-minute-long interview, go to and look for ‘PM Bellingham for 5/7/13’.  The interview with Cynthia begins 29:54 minutes into the audio file, and lasts until 37:00 m.


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