Posted by: magmatist | November 8, 2012

Baker plume this AM November 8, 2012

Fumarole plume rises above the west rim of Sherman crater at 9:15 AM Nov. 8, 2012. The ground hugging gas plume blankets the summit of Sherman Peak. Click to enlarge. Photo by Dave Tucker

There is a noticeable back-lit gas plume visible at Sherman Crater this AM. This is typical of cold clear mornings with the rising sun behind the crater. Fumarole gases are about 99% water vapor. The rest is CO2, H2S, He, H, and other magma-derived chemical species. If you have a view of Sherman Crater this morning, take a look. Sometimes the plume rises more vertically. A really vigorous one would extend higher than the summit, 1000′ above the crater floor.


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