Posted by: magmatist | November 8, 2012

Aerial views of today’s Sherman Crater plumes

Approaching Sherman Crater from the west. The crater is filled with steam and other gases. Note how thin and broken the Deming Glacier is. Click to enlarge this John Scurlock photo.

John Scurlock went flying around Mount Baker this morning and sent us three photos of the plume sighted by many in the lowlands. Doug McKeever at Whatcom CC sent the first of several alerts. He and others saw the plume rising well above the summit. By the time I got to the view point at the top of Taylor Street to take the photo in today’s earlier post,  the plume was rising less high.

Once again, there is nothing unusual

Looking west through Sherman Crater’s East Breach. A dense fumarole cloud is rising out of the Sulphur Cone fumarole in the foreground, and is hugging the slope below Sherman Peak. Photo by John Scurlock

about these plumes, but they are a reminder to all who see them that there is heat below our volcano.

Close view of the Sulphur Cone fumarole’s gas plume. This the most vigorous fumarole in Sherman Crater, but it lies in a pit in the ice and is not safe to appraoch without gas masks and oxygen. John Scurlock photo.



  1. Thanks for posting this, Dave. Very cool! Please thank John for me. He is amazing. And what a resource! Available to fly up and check these things out at a moments notice.

    • Well, sometimes John has to work like the rest of us!

  2. We can see it from our dining room window. It appeared to be putting out more steam than the photo’s show early in the morning yesterday.

    • Larry,
      I suspect the crater pumps out about the same amount of gas all the time, but whether it appears to be a high plume or is dispersed depends on wind direction.

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