Posted by: magmatist | September 18, 2012

1912 Baker photo recreated in 2012

by Dave Tucker, September 17, 2012

A wonderful photo of Mount Baker was taken in 1912 by a mysterious F.D.  (or  maybe it’s “E.D.”) Welsh from the summit of hard-to reach Loomis Mountain. The photograph clearly shows the much greater extent of the Easton and Squak glaciers, as well as documenting the presence of glacial ice just above the Scott Paul Trail, where there is no ice today. Welsh’s photograph is perhaps  the earliest, and certainly the best, view of the south flank of the volcano. It clearly shows the ice-covered rim of Carmelo Crater at the summit plateau of Mount Baker. (more below the photo…)

Welsh’s 1912 photo. Click to enlarge.

Cascade mountain photographer John Scurlock was captivated by the photograph and recognized its historic value.  On September 16, 2012, John achieved his goal by climbing to the summit of Loomis Mountain with a team including folks from MBVRC and North Cascades Institute, and the same scene was photographed showing 100 years of glacial recession  at Mount Baker. The story is told elsewhere on this blog: go here to read it and see the photos. A future post will highlight some of the changes in the past 100 years.


  1. Neat excursion!

    Seems like that might also be a J. D. Welsh or maybe JE D. Welsh

    • Fred,
      We originally thought it was “J.D.”, but are now leaning toward ‘F.’ or .E.’ We have initiated inquiries using all permutations. Sure hope we can come up with some information!

  2. […] study corresponds with the approximate terminus of the glacier shown in the 1912 Welsh photo here ( a blow-up showing position of the rubble-covered terminus in 1912 is […]

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