Posted by: magmatist | February 2, 2013

Addendum to “Welcome New Subscribers”- How this works

Dear friends,

When you get an email notification of a new post from MBVRC, click on the blue title of the post next to the picture of Dave Tucker [aka ‘Magmatist’, the administrator of the website] and his cats. The post on the website will open in your browser, which you may prefer to read rather than from the email. If you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, you can reply via comment. If you send a comment the administrator [that magmatist guy again, or one of the approved henchpersons] will need to ‘approve’ your comment, so don’t expect to see it on the website right away. If you make note of our email address you can always contact MBVRC that way, too. We always post the email address as an image so those creepy crawler web bots can’t track it down and inundate it us with spam. Your email subscription is safe with us; no one has ever reported getting spam as a result of their subscription.

this is not a link

this is not a link

Also note that at the bottom of every email announcing a new post you can unsubscribe. We then lose your email address and you won’t be hearing from us anymore. Of course, we’d hate to see you go. Sniff. [I think I’m going to cry…]


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